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Pennywise terug bij Epitaph

13-10-10 10:33:00 / door pureandsimple / band: Pennywise

De band, nog altijd met Zoli op zang, is weer terug op het oude nest. Gitarist Fletcher Dragge had het volgende erover te zeggen:

Now we're ready to go back to our home, Epitaph. It's always been our home. It's the greatest independent record label in the world. Brett's the greatest fucking label boss there is. He's a punk rocker, he knows how we think, he supports Pennywise a hundred percent and he feels like "I'm here for you guys."

And the MySpace thing, just to be clear on that, was we gave that record away. So it was really cool to be able to give away the record. It was really cool to be able to do something cool for the fans, get some new fans. We negotiated a one record deal. We knew that that record company was going to be under in a year. We're going to be able to get that record back from MySpace now and probably put it out on Epitaph; and we were able to utilize that corporate machine. We used that like a Trojan Horse; we used the corporate machine to get our message out to five hundred and fifty thousand people
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Gepost door: willemantillectual Gepost: 13-10-10 11:32:43
Gepost door: denthemanz Gepost: 13-10-10 11:51:04
allah ook bedankt!!
Gepost door: xanathos Gepost: 13-10-10 12:50:12
Laten we de Dalai Lama niet vergeten...
Gepost door: thasansimeon Gepost: 13-10-10 15:39:28
ik hoop dat er maar is snel een nieuwe cd uitkom..
en dat hij beetje aan te horen is en dat ik ignite niet te veel moet missen .. :)

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